Robert E. Lee Monument Removed in NOLA

The pigs, goats and dogs have taken over the farm and celebrate the destruction of sheep society.


The best of the available videos are from and are far too long. This one is from Charles Walton's Youtube channel. We will embed the video from below.

While the other Confederate monuments in New Orleans were removed in the middle of the night, this one was removed in broad daylight, although it took 11 hours simply to remove the statue from the pedestal, which happened just after 6:00 PM Friday evening, May 19th 2007.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Neutralized by Political Correctness

This is adapted in part from a paragraph in our recent article The Brattle of New Orleans, an account of our experiences at Lee Circle on May 7th.

Quite disgracefully, in our opinion, the Louisiana chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans were entirely missing from the pro-monument demonstrations at Lee Circle in New Orleans on May 7th, 2017. Rather than helping to fight a real battle by standing up to defend their heritage and its symbols at Lee Circle, they were out at Jackson Crossroads for the day, play-acting as toy soldiers.

A few days after the event I visited the Facebook page for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and I saw a post from the Louisiana Division Commander, J. C. Hanna. He had a picture taken of himself as he sat comfortably under a shade tree in Jackson Crossroads, while talking on a cell phone. In the caption he boasted that he was being interviewed by CNN regarding the removal of the monuments in New Orleans! [Updated Screenshot from May 17th.]

Free and Slave States in 1861

By United_States_1861-01-1861-02-04.png: Made by User:Golbez.derivative work: Kenmayer (talk) - United_States_1861-01-1861-02-04.png, CC BY 2.5,

A timeline on the War Between the States and the issue of slavery:

The War is popularly dated to have begun on April 12th, 1861.

The Emancipation Proclamation was not issued by Lincoln until January 1, 1863.

Maryland, a Union state, did not end slavery until the adoption of a new State Constitution on November 1st, 1864.

Missouri, which never officially seceeded from the Union, abolished slavery by statute on January 11, 1865.

On April 9, 1865, near Appomattox Court House, Virginia, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

Delaware, a Union state, rejected the 13th and 14th Amendments, and slavery ended there only when the 13th Amendment took effect nationally in December, 1865.

Kentucky, which never officially seceeded from the Union, rejected the 13th Amendment, and slavery ended there only when it took effect nationally in December, 1865.

The War Between the States was never about slavery, and this simple timeline should be proof enough of that.

Defense of the Robert E. Lee Monument in NOLA

On May 7th, 2017 we were honored to have the pleasure of standing together with members of the League of the South in a statement defending the monument commemorating General Robert E. Lee at Lee Circle in New Orleans. We are grateful for Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South as well as for operation commander Michael Tubbs and all of the fine League members in their company.

Michael Hill spoke to the media on the day of the demonstrations: Dr. Michael Hill, League of the South President, Interviewed at NOLA by WWLTV

We have our own posted images and videos from the event at the links below:

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NOLA Lee Circle 2017 - Early Hours 

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Pre-Antifa Anticipation at Lee Circle, NOLA

Jewish Agitator Gets Thrashed

More Pre-Antifa Anticipation, Captain Jewmerica Disinvited Again

Antifa Arrival at Lee Circle, NOLA, May 7th 2017

Facing Down the Antifa


Jews Are Not White, Prof. Tells Rabbis

Have we not yet had enough of this Jewish "Pluralism"?

The following article is from the newspaper Jewish Post & Opinion, published June 28, 1968:

Jews Are Not White, Prof. Tells Rabbis

BOSTON —A political scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has been speaking to Jewish conventions over the past few months, told the Reform Rabbis meeting here that Jews are not white.

Mayor's Comments on Battle of Liberty Place Monument Removal

Mayor Mitch Landrieu sounds like a Social Justice Warrior as he held a news conference on the early-morning removal of the Battle of Liberty Place monument in New Orleans. He even borrowed quotes from the Bible so that he may sound holy while promoting his Marxist agenda.



This is from WDSU News in New Orleans.

History Being Erased in New Orleans

The Confederate-era monuments in New Orleans are being taken down in the middle of the night by contractors who wear masks and conceal the names of their companies. This is communist Amerika at its finest hour:





Christianity, the South, and the Culture War

By Rev. Steve Wilkins

Culture implies far more than common food, dress, or accent. The root of our English word "culture" is the Latin "cultus," which to the Romans signified worship of the divine. This reminds us of the foundation of culture which is so often forgotten in our day. As Russell Kirk has noted, "[C]ulture arises from the cult; that is, people are joined together in worship, and out of their religious association grows the organized human community."1

Culture implies a common way of life, common standards, a common worldview, if you will. But this commonality is founded ultimately not upon economic status, race, or nationality, but, as the word indicates, a common faith. Christopher Dawson puts it this way, "It is clear that a common way of life involves a common view of life, common standards of behavior, and common standards of value, and consequently a culture is a spiritual community which owes its unity to common beliefs and common ways of thought far more than to any unanimity of physical type.... Therefore from the beginning the social way of life which is culture has been deliberately ordered and directed in accordance with the higher laws of life which are religion."2


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