THE THIRD REVOLUTION is the first installment in a four book series chronicling a second War for Southern Independence, from its inception in Columbia, South Carolina, to its international aftermath. The series takes a hard, pragmatic look at often uncomfortable subjects like war and race, love and loyalty, and the best and the worst of human nature, and pulls no punches. Needless to say, it is not politically correct.

The series order is THE THIRD REVOLUTION, THE LONG KNIVES, THE BLACK FLAG, and THE WARLORD; all are available on Amazon in both soft cover and Kindle format, along with other books of various genres by the author, Gregory Kay.

About this book:

It's the 21st century, and the South is rising again!

When a peaceful demonstration over a Confederate Battle Flag goes horribly wrong, two strangers - police officer Frank Gore and reporter Samantha Norris - find themselves running for their lives. Labeled "terrorists" an pursued by covert government death squads through a South torn by depression, racial tensions, and martial law, their only chance for survival lies with a bitterly divided band of Rebel guerrillas. Faced with a conflict that threatens to split both the Union and the races irrevocably, and the dawning realization that there are no good guys in war, only survivors, they begin to wonder if it's really much of a chance at all.

Torn by duty, allegiance, and their own growing closeness, in a world where nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted, they're forced to answer the ultimate question:

When passions simmering for a century and a half explode...
When telling the truth becomes a terrorist act...
When paranoid fantasy become reality...
How far would you go to survive THE THIRD REVOLUTION?

John H. Van Evrie - Negroes and Negro "Slavery”

John H. Van Evrie, who lived from1814 to 1896, was an American medical doctor, and the editor and proprietor of a publication called the Weekly Day Book, a Democratic newspaper, and a son of the founder of Rochester, a city on Lake Ontario, in New York State. He also published several book on race relations and the character of the negro, for which he used his own publishing company, Van Evrie, Horton & Company. His conclusions concerning the negro led him to become a defender of the institution of slavery, and a defender of the cause of the Old South. He is slandered by mainstream sources today even in spite of the fact that many of his conclusions have been proven by the events of history subsequent to the War Between the States.

Here is the Preface to his book Negroes and Negro "Slavery:” The First an Inferior Race: The Latter its Normal Condition, which was published in its second edition in 1861. See the PDF below for the full book:

Since the first edition of this work was issued, startling and deplorable events have occurred. The great “Anti-Slavery” delusion, that originated with European monarchists more than fifty years ago, has culminated in disunion and civil war, as its authors always predicted it would. A party strongly imbued with the false theories and absurd assumptions of British writers and abolition societies, is in possession of the Federal Government, which it stands pledged to use to reduce its assumptions to practice. It holds that the negro, except in color, is a man like themselves, and naturally entitled to the same liberty – that to deny him this liberty, is to enslave him – that, therefore, Southern society is wrong, and should be revolutionized, and it avows it to be its mission to accomplish this – to institute a policy that shall finally abolish or destroy the supremacy of the white man, and secure “impartial freedom” for negroes! To this the South replies, that this government was created for white men alone, and their posterity, as declared in the preamble to the Constitution – that the Supreme Court has recently declared the same great truth – that, seizing the government by a mere sectional vote, and placing it in distinct conflict with the social order of the South, with the avowed purpose of penning up its negro population, in order to bring about some day the extinction or overthrow of the existing condition, is, therefore, an overthrow of the Constitution – that the object avowed necessarily involves their future destruction, and to save themselves from the wild delusion and malignant fanaticism of the North, they are forced, in self-defense, to withdraw from the Union, hitherto, or until this hostile and dangerous party entered the field, so beneficial to all sections of the country.

So stands the case between the sections. If the “anti-slavery” party was based on truth – if the negro, except in color, was a man like ourselves – if social subordination of this negro was wrong, and the four millions of these people at the South entitled to the same liberty as ourselves – and if the men who made this government designed it to include the inferior races of this continent, and it were really beneficial to equalize and fraternize with these negroes, then, though it may be doubted, if using the common government to bring it about were proper, the end in view would be so beneficent, and such a transcendent act of justice to these assumed slaves, that all honest, earnest, and patriotic citizens should promptly sustain the party now striving to accomplish it. But, on the contrary, if this party is based on a stupendous falsehood – if the negro is a different and inferior being, and in his normal condition at the South – and if the men who made this government, designed it for white men alone – then the length and breadth and width and depth of the “anti-slavery” delusion, and the crime of the “anti-slavery” party, which has broken up the Union in a blind crusade after negro freedom, will be fully comprehended by the American people. The whole mighty question, therefore, with all its vast and boundless consequences, hinges on the apparently simple question of fact – is the negro, except in color, a man like ourselves, and therefore naturally entitled to the same liberty?

It is absolutely certain that neither the liberty, the rights, nor the interests of one single northern citizen is involved; nothing whatever but a blind and foolish theory of “negro slavery” which is attempted to be forced on the South. If the people of the two great sections of the country could change places, the vast “anti-slavery” delusion would be exploded in sixty days. But as this is impossible, the next best thing is to explain the actual condition of things in the South to the northern mind. This great work the author has undertaken, not to defend an imaginary slavery, for it needs no defense, but to explain the social order – to demonstrate to the senses, as well as the reason, that the negro is a different and subordinate being, and in his normal condition at the South and thus to show the enormous and fathomless folly, crime, and impiety wrapped up in the great “anti-slavery” delusion of the day. The former edition of this work was put to press so hurriedly, that it contained many errors, but the present one has been carefully revised; and, moreover, the introductory chapter has been rewritten, in order to present a more distinct history of the origin and progress of the great British “anti-slavery” imposture which is now working out its legitimate and designed purpose in the destruction of the American Union.

In conclusion, the author begs to say, that mere literary display or fine writing is with him quite a subordinate consideration. He only desires to be understood, and, that the grand and momentous truths described in this book shall be clearly comprehended by the masses, with the confident assurance that when they come to understand that their own liberty, welfare, and prosperity are all hazarded in a blind crusade after that which, could it be accomplished, would be the greatest calamity ever inflicted on a civilized people, the causeless and senseless, but frightful sectional conflict now raging will be speedily terminated by the universal uprising of the northern masses in favor of a government of white men, and union with the South.


Legal Defense Funding Appeal

The League of the South, and now Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent, are in need of funding to fight ongoing lawsuits stemming from Charlottesville.

If the Leftists can incite violence and sue a political group exercising its own right to assembly, there will be NO true Right-oriented assemblies in a couple of years.

If the Leftists can sue a news commentary and opinion website for something that happened in the streets of an American city, and get away with it, there will be NO true Right-oriented websites on the Internet in a matter of a couple of years.

The struggle to inform our people and sustain ourselves as a White Christian society in the face of the active Bolshevik hordes is more and more difficult as the greater number of White Christians remain in a general state of apathy. 

It is going to require a lot more than Facebook and Twitter memes to retain our own rights to free speech in a supposedly open society. Mere social media activism is only virtue signaling and preaching to the choir. If we do not all make tangible contributions, then we are merely shouting into the wind.

Please support the League of the South in its legal defense efforts:

And Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent who was recently named in a Charlottesville-related lawsuit:$prozium1984

Dr. Michael Hill at the Nationalist Solutions Conference

Dr. Hill's 42-minute speech at the Nationalist Solutions Conference, June, 2018.


Sons of Cuckfederate Veterans Embrace Sodomy

We have been wanting to write something on the event described here for quite awhile, and this is our first opportunity.

The more we hear from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the less we like them. They cuck for CNN, they cuck for a poorly defined sort of civic nationalism, which is not nationalism at all,  they cuck for Black Lives Matter and the Antifa, and now they are cucking even for sodomites and the LGBT agenda.

Here we shall reproduce a letter from Michael Skinner, pictured above left. Skinner is the South Carolina Division 9th Brigade Commander for the SCV. Below is a reproduction of a letter from his office announcing the promotion of a shamelessly open sodomite to the office of Brigade Lieutenant Commander, which he then boasts is a first not only for South Carolina, but for the entire organization.

We have searched for open protests to this event and have only found one supposedly seccessionist website which actually applauds the appointment. Skinner is still listed among the officers of the South Carolina Division at the SCSCV website, so the State organization must also approve of the appointment....

Fun with Fingerpainting

Children's entertainment on network television, and there were no mass demonstrations or calls to take anything down.


Southern Resistance to Global Zionism

Courtesy of our friends at Manse Jolly's Youtube Channel

So-called "Civil Rights", are a weapon used by practitioners of Talmudic Lawfare to bind the Goyim. In 2018, there are many shrines celebrating the capture of American Whites by the International Communists (in the name of civil rights).... the Edmund Pettus Bridge is one such unholy place. The League of the South stands against ALL MANIFESTATIONS of "White Genocide", especially the revered shrines and altars of those true Merchants of Hate, who literally cry out as they strike you.

Paddy Tarleton's Charlottesville Ballad - War is Coming


Join the Real Right - Join the League of the South!

Meet Dwayne Dixon

The shrill sodomite who cannot answer a direct question. The professed Marxist professor who cries about "private property" when he is confronted. This is the man who certainly did brag about chasing James Fields with a semi-automatic rifle, moments before Fields paniced and crashed his automobile into a crowd of illegal Leftist protestors.

But Fields never hit Heather Heyer. The Leftists dodging out of the path of Fields' car pushed her to the ground, an in the ensuing excitement, she died of a heart attack. The Left killed Heather Heyer, and Dwayne Dixon was the primary catalyst in her death.

For more, see James Fields did Nothing Wrong at Christogenea.


Knock, Knock, Knoxville

The dreary mid-March morning lined the sky with gray clouds as our small caravan headed down the interstate and into the center of Knoxville at the break of dawn. We really didn't know what to expect, but at this early hour there were few people, few cops, and no Antifa. So whatever did happen would only be a reaction to our intendedly peaceful presence. Here the League of the South would try something a little different, and would hold a small demonstration with no prior announcement, no permits, and hopefully no overwhelming or oppressive police reaction. Doing this, we hoped to actually interface with the general public and pass out some of our literature. This is, after all, the purpose for that right to assemble which is supposedly guaranteed in the united States' Constitution.

Of course local chapters of the League have often done this on an even smaller scale, however this time there would be uniforms, flags and banners. Those same uniforms, flags and banners which the national news media had unjustly vilified after the cancelled demonstration in Charlottesville last August....

The League of the South in Tallahassee, January 27th 2018

We probably took fewer pictures at Tallahassee than anywhere else. Melissa didn't take any because she was too busy holding that flag. We need Melissa to take pictures, so next time I might hold the sign and the flag if I must... The few pictures I did take - most of them anyway - are found at our image gallery under Tallahassee 2018

The League of the South had held a few events since Shelbyville, perhaps a social occasion or two and some participation in a few smaller demonstrations, but nothing major and nothing that we had the opportunity for which to participate. So for several weeks we looked forward to the planned Florida State Sovereignty rally in Tallahassee. Even better, this one was so close to home that we only had to visit a gas station once all weekend.

We spent a few hours Tuesday and Wednesday cruising the websites of Antifa and other Leftist organizations, and found not one mention of the League’s rally plans at the Old Florida State Capitol building at the intersection of South Monroe Street and the Apalachee Parkway. Not until Thursday did we hear that the Jewish agitators at the SPLC had made a notice of our rally on their website. But even more insipid than their articles, which are always written in a manner so as to cause alarm and encourage donations, are the uninspired comments made by an army of barely-literate Marxists.

Charlottesville - Raw Footage at the Front Line

This is over 16 minutes of high-resolution video from the front lines at Charlottesville, taken after the League of the South and the rest of the National Front had entered Lee Park, and before the violence from the leftists escalated to the point where the police had decided to cancel the event and force the Right out of the park. This 16-minute clip covers over a quarter of the time that the National Front was in the park, which was only about an hour.


Charlottesville: The March to Lee Park as seen from the middle of the Column

This is a video of the march from a Charlottesville parking garage to Lee Park by various members of the League of the South, the Traditional Workers' Party, the National Socialist Movement, Identity Europa and other groups which sought to attend the recent #UnitetheRight rally.

We were not on the front lines, but back in the middle of the column, and from there my wife Melissa recorded this video. Aside from some of the mundane locker-room style rhetoric which is common among Nationalists attending such events, you may notice that there was little to no aggression on our part, and that we were relatively quite calm and peaceful. Of course, this is absolutely contrary to reports slandering all of us which have been running continually in the mainstream media.

There may have been some violence at the vanguard of our procession, but we were even oblivious to that. We only found out later that Marxist groups tried to block our passage into the park, and for that some minor scuffles ensued. Evidently even the men in front of us had conducted themselves with great restraint, because that initial violence did not escalate, and we entered into the park peacefully. Our opposition, however, continually taunted us with verbal abuse and provocations, and were anything but peaceful. They alone were responsible for the initial violence, and for all of the later violence.

When the Confederacy was Honored Even by the U. S. Government

The public opinion of the South was not always so evil. The United States Federal Government minted a memorial coin, a silver half dollar, in honor of Stone Mountain and the bravery of the soldiers of the South - in 1925! It was even struck at the Yankee mint in Philadelphia.

United States Confederate Soldier Memorial Coin - Front

United States Confederate Soldier Memorial Coin - Rear

See the article for the Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar at Wikipedia.


A Conversation with William Finck and Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South

See the page at Christogenea for the podcast and the text to William Finck's introductory remarks.



After the Monuments: Louisiana Caving in Defense of Confederate Heritage

After the Monuments: Louisiana Caving in Defense of Confederate Heritage

Even though a bill to defend Louisiana’s Confederate heritage had passed the State’s Legislature in mid-May by a margin of over 2-to-1, it has not been advanced by the Senate, and the governor has been heard whining about it. The Associated Press has reported that “Gov. John Bel Edwards derided a bill that could protect Confederate monuments, calling the proposal impractical and unnecessarily divisive on Tuesday, a day after black lawmakers stormed off the Louisiana House floor in protest over a Republican's plan.”

The New Orleans Times-Picayune is already celebrating the demise of the bill. Apparently the supposedly Republican Senate President John Alario has sent the bill to the Senate’s Government Affairs Committee, which is chaired by a Democrat from New Orleans, and where it does not stand a chance in hell for advancement. A similar bill died in committee last year, following the same exact process, and therefore Alario knows what he is doing. So it is politics as usual in New Orleans. Alario, who was once a Democrat, is also from New Orleans and seems to be about as Southern at heart as a carpet-bagging New York kebab vendor.

Robert E. Lee Monument Removed in NOLA

The pigs, goats and dogs have taken over the farm and celebrate the destruction of sheep society.


The best of the available videos are from and are far too long. This one is from Charles Walton's Youtube channel. We will embed the video from below.

While the other Confederate monuments in New Orleans were removed in the middle of the night, this one was removed in broad daylight, although it took 11 hours simply to remove the statue from the pedestal, which happened just after 6:00 PM Friday evening, May 19th 2007.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Neutralized by Political Correctness

This is adapted in part from a paragraph in our recent article The Brattle of New Orleans, an account of our experiences at Lee Circle on May 7th.

Quite disgracefully, in our opinion, the Louisiana chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans were entirely missing from the pro-monument demonstrations at Lee Circle in New Orleans on May 7th, 2017. Rather than helping to fight a real battle by standing up to defend their heritage and its symbols at Lee Circle, they were out at Jackson Crossroads for the day, play-acting as toy soldiers.

A few days after the event I visited the Facebook page for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and I saw a post from the Louisiana Division Commander, J. C. Hanna. He had a picture taken of himself as he sat comfortably under a shade tree in Jackson Crossroads, while talking on a cell phone. In the caption he boasted that he was being interviewed by CNN regarding the removal of the monuments in New Orleans! [Updated Screenshot from May 17th.]

Free and Slave States in 1861

By United_States_1861-01-1861-02-04.png: Made by User:Golbez.derivative work: Kenmayer (talk) - United_States_1861-01-1861-02-04.png, CC BY 2.5,

A timeline on the War Between the States and the issue of slavery:

The War is popularly dated to have begun on April 12th, 1861.

The Emancipation Proclamation was not issued by Lincoln until January 1, 1863.

Maryland, a Union state, did not end slavery until the adoption of a new State Constitution on November 1st, 1864.

Missouri, which never officially seceeded from the Union, abolished slavery by statute on January 11, 1865.

On April 9, 1865, near Appomattox Court House, Virginia, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

Delaware, a Union state, rejected the 13th and 14th Amendments, and slavery ended there only when the 13th Amendment took effect nationally in December, 1865.

Kentucky, which never officially seceeded from the Union, rejected the 13th Amendment, and slavery ended there only when it took effect nationally in December, 1865.

The War Between the States was never about slavery, and this simple timeline should be proof enough of that.


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