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Welcome to Dixie.Christogenea.Org.  This site is dedicated to preserving the memory of our Great Confederacy.
We are pro-Confederacy, and recognize that the War Between the States was fought to defend the liberty and freedom secured by our forefathers in the American Revolution.

Our site is under construction and new content is added frequently.  Please peruse our audio library and download these Christian sermons regarding the Confederacy and the South--they contain a wealth of invaluable information regarding the true Christian Character of the Confederacy and the men and women who fought to maintain it.

Check back with us periodically--we will soon archive pdf files containing rare and hard to find books by Southern authors.

With a right knowledge of history, the South shall one day rise again!!!

The Great Seal
of the Confederacy

* Deo Vindice *
which is Latin for:
"God will Vindicate"


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And for this honorable act on your part, in the defense of those who have well-earned their Acknowledgment, I thank you in advance.

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