General Martin Witherspoon Gary

On April 9th of 1865 there was a bright spot in the Confederate surrender at Appomattox, Virginia. That bright spot was Brigadier General Martin Witherspoon Gary.

General Gary commanded a cavalry brigade under Hampton’s Legion consisting of South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia cavalry as well as mounted infantry.

During the confusion of battle on that final day, a Confederate courier rode between the lines with a white flag and shouted, "Hostilities have ceased. Stop firing." At the same moment a Federal officer (a Lt. Allen) rode up and asked, "Who commands this cavalry?"


Michael Tubbs and some of the men from the League of the South looking out over the crowds gathering at Lee Circle. This is not the Antifa. These are the couple of hundred people gathered at the intersection of St. Charles Ave. and Lee Circle before the Antifa arrived. Most of them seem to have been local degenerates, and some of them were apparently Antifa observers sent ahead to gather intelligence. In a city with a negro population of 60%, there were startlingly few black faces in the crowd.


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