Bolshevism is Alive and Well in Georgia

According to Georgia law, it is a "misdemeanor if you don't have a current firearms or hunting license when you carry a gun outside your own property." "If you carry your gun for hunting or sporting, your current hunting license permits you carry your firearm outside of your own property."

Furthermore, and with a few exceptions, according to Georgia law "A person is guilty of a misdemeanor when he wears a mask, hood, or device by which any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer and is upon any public way or public property or upon the private property of another without the written permission of the owner or occupier of the property to do so."

But in Stone Mountain, Georgia, it is evidently permissible for certain openly Communist groups to flaunt Georgia law.

Because of the nature of the material we host, it often disappears from Youtube long before it loses relevance. So at Christogenea we always host copies of the videos we present. Visit News2Share at Youtube, where we found this video.


We were not planning on attending the scheduled Rock Stone Mountain II demonstrations, that were cancelled due to poor planning, poor timing, and primarily because the local authorities refused to issue a permit. Not having a permit, groups and individuals hoping to participate in the rally in favor of preserving Georgia State history chose to comply with the law and stayed away.

But leftist and openly Communist Antifa groups can evidently get away with flaunting Georgia laws openly, without consequences or repercussions from authorities. In fact, they even seem to have been accomodated by the authorities.

The following message is from Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South:

If you are concerned about Communists being able to flaunt the law, march armed in the streets, and shut down Stone Mountain Park this weekend, you can voice your displeasure at the following:

Mayor Wheeler (770) 498-8984

Police Chief Troutman (770) 879-4980

Isn't it curious that the elite media will make such a big deal out of a torch light parade in Charlottesville (in which, to my knowledge, there were no weapons being openly carried) and then ignore a band of openly-armed Communists marching at Stone Mountain? Double standard and hypocrisy? You bet! The media despise the former and love the latter.

Learn who hates you, White man!

Southern Resistance to Global Zionism

Courtesy of our friends at Manse Jolly's Youtube Channel

So-called "Civil Rights", are a weapon used by practitioners of Talmudic Lawfare to bind the Goyim. In 2018, there are many shrines celebrating the capture of American Whites by the International Communists (in the name of civil rights).... the Edmund Pettus Bridge is one such unholy place. The League of the South stands against ALL MANIFESTATIONS of "White Genocide", especially the revered shrines and altars of those true Merchants of Hate, who literally cry out as they strike you.

Meet Dwayne Dixon

The shrill sodomite who cannot answer a direct question. The professed Marxist professor who cries about "private property" when he is confronted. This is the man who certainly did brag about chasing James Fields with a semi-automatic rifle, moments before Fields paniced and crashed his automobile into a crowd of illegal Leftist protestors.

But Fields never hit Heather Heyer. The Leftists dodging out of the path of Fields' car pushed her to the ground, an in the ensuing excitement, she died of a heart attack. The Left killed Heather Heyer, and Dwayne Dixon was the primary catalyst in her death.

For more, see James Fields did Nothing Wrong at Christogenea.

Charlottesville - Raw Footage at the Front Line

This is over 16 minutes of high-resolution video from the front lines at Charlottesville, taken after the League of the South and the rest of the National Front had entered Lee Park, and before the violence from the leftists escalated to the point where the police had decided to cancel the event and force the Right out of the park. This 16-minute clip covers over a quarter of the time that the National Front was in the park, which was only about an hour.