Sons of Cuckfederate Veterans Embrace Sodomy

Update, April 16th, 2022:

Today I found that Michael Skinner is no longer listed as an officer at the South Carolina SCV website, nor is there any mention of his name on the site. This article will remain, just in case Skinner surfaces again in the future.

We have been wanting to write something on the event described here for quite awhile, and this is our first opportunity.

The more we hear from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the less we like them. They cuck for CNN, they cuck for a poorly defined sort of civic nationalism, which is not nationalism at all,  they cuck for Black Lives Matter and the Antifa, and now they are cucking even for sodomites and the LGBT agenda.

Here we shall reproduce a letter from Michael Skinner, pictured above left. Skinner is the South Carolina Division 9th Brigade Commander for the SCV. Below is a reproduction of a letter from his office announcing the promotion of a shamelessly open sodomite to the office of Brigade Lieutenant Commander, which he then boasts is a first not only for South Carolina, but for the entire organization.

We have searched for open protests to this event and have only found one supposedly seccessionist website which actually applauds the appointment. Skinner is still listed among the officers of the South Carolina Division at the SCSCV website, so the State organization must also approve of the appointment.

Here is the letter by which Skinner made the announcement in January of 2018 [click on the image at right to see the full-sized reproduction]:

Michael Skinner LetterSons of Confederate Veterans South Carolina Division 9th Bridage [sic]

31 January 2018


SUBJECT: Appointment of First Known Openly Gay Brigade Lieutenant Commander

On Sunday January 28th I appointed the new Lieutenant Commander of the 9th Brigade of the South Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Brigade Commanders choose those who they believe possess not only a fervent desire to preserve Confederate Heritage, but someone who also possess the knowledge, skills, and motivation to do so. Despite what detractors would have the public believe about our organization, I am unashamed to announce that the new Lieutenant Commander of the 9th Brigade is also openly gay, making his the first in the history of the South Carolina Division and the SCV at large to our knowledge.

In a time when we are witnessing the eradication of an entire era of our nations history and the defamation of the character of hundreds of thousands of Confederate veterans, the SCV remains a place where commitment to cause supersedes the things over which our society expects us to be divided . South Carolinians of all races, religions, creeds, and sexual orientations joined together in common cause between 1861 and 1865. Today South Carolinians and Southerners of all persuasions are standing together again in defense of our history and heritage. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is and will remain an organization op to all descendants of Confederate veterans with the drive to defend their heritage.

Michael Skinner Commander 9th Brigade, SC Division SCV

If this were a normal matter of course, Skinner may have made the announcement without advertising what the unashamed sodomite does at home at night in his bedroom. Rather, Skinner was compelled to make this proud announcement. The obvious agenda is a purposeful acceptance of the debasement of Southern tradition and culture in favor of modernism and perversion. The irony of the name Skinner in this instance has not escaped us.

Notice that he could not even spell brigade correctly on his letterhead.

The time for the Sons of Confederate Veterans is over. Real Southern Nationalists who actually care to preserve their heritage and way of life should join the League of the South.